Sonay Coleman-Duhart (Chef)


Welcome to Chy Pie's heavenly sinful treats. This website showcases our cheesecakes, cake, pies, and crumbles. Everything is made from scratch using the best, freshest and exclusive ingredients possible.

Our cheesecakes are in a class by themselves! Made from recipes orginated by me, which combines creamy cheese with upscale flavorings and delectable crusts, our cakes are the most decadent desserts you'll find anywhere. All of our delicious cheesecakes are available in two sizes; 9-inch and 10-inch. We also sell mini cheesecake cupcakes which are great for parties.

Discover our wonderful collection where you can choose a dessert to highlight your holiday table, or send a gift for any occasion or just simply treat yourself and your loved ones to a Chy Pie's heavenly sinful treat.